What’s the Emoji for Virtual Reality?

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Recently digital graphics provider Olson Visual and Tecna Display partnered with VRX Networks – specialists in the creation of immersive and dynamic VR experiences.

The project was to design and build a framework that could house their VR interactive blockbuster experience located at the Intu Lakeside mall located in West Thurrock, United Kingdom.

IMG_3428 editted.jpg

View their website – http://www.vrxnetworks.com/

The movie that was converted into a game and promoted for this project was Sony Pictures – Emoji Movie.

Watch the trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_nfdzMhmrA

The virtual reality experience takes the player into Emoj’s world of Text-opolis and allows you to play as multiple characters to overcome challenges in the movies’ various digital landscapes.


The brief for the display required that a design for a display that allowed multiple players to immerse themselves in the game and promote the movie to the public be developed.

The designers at Tecna Display and Olson Visual worked closely with VRX Networks to come up with a design that would allow for multiple gaming systems and equipment to be used. The decided upon framework for the display was the T3 Affinity system. This was due to its quick and easy assembly without the use of tools, its multiple retro fit shelving and accessories that could accommodate the various gaming equipment and the fact that it can be efficiently transported and stored for use at other events.

Frank Graziano, Sales Manager at Tecna Display commented, “We worked very closely with VRX on this project to make sure that the design was both functional and attractive. We wanted to provide them with an innovative solution that would allow them to integrate all their VR technology effortlessly as well as providing players with the best experience. We also wanted it to stay true to our core philosophy of Twist – Lock – Connect. “

The display consists of a cross section design which allows for four stations to be implemented, each with its own VR headset, controllers and adjoining monitor to view the game play.  Three large monitors display to play promotional videos and trailers to attract the public. Another key aspect of the design is a staging area for event staff to interact and take payment from clients which can also accommodate merchandising. VRX Networks is using this virtual reality kiosk to showcase their VR social gaming solution, whereby shoppers can pay-to-play.

Adam Vahed, CTO of VRX Networks commented, “Virtual Reality has become extremely popular recently, as new developments in technology have made it possible to provide a user experience with a level of realism and believability almost on par with the real world. The cost and complexity of the more high-end systems means they are still out of reach for most people, but our VRX Zones allow members of the public to experience some of the best VR without having to make this investment.

VRX networks has implemented these experiences into over 30 locations in the UK and US already. The companies network of kiosks are in locations like shopping malls, cinemas and other public areas.  VRX plans to extend its distribution network to around 200 locations globally by the end of the 2017. Their partnership with the Sony Pictures and pending agreements with other major Hollywood studios will enable VRX to expend and offer a growing number of original VR experiences inspired by popular movies.

When asked about why VRX Networks approached Tecna Display and Olson Visual about the T3 Affinity system Adam had this to say,

continued: “We were looking for a system based around a lightweight aluminium structure in order to address some of the downsides of the big, heavy wood/MDF structures we had used previously. When we came across T3 it was a Eureka moment for us, as it not only fitted the bill perfectly but also provided the further benefits of a simple tool-less construction and re-usability”.

For more details about this project and other VR applications with the T3 System click HERE to get into contact with one of our representatives

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