Ambient and Decorative displays with the T3 Litebox.

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Recently, Icelandic event and exhibition specialist consultants Recon (Reykjavik Event Consulting) partnered with T3 Systems to design and create a wall mounted T3 Litebox for the Rotterdam, Netherlands offices of transportation and Logistics giants Eimskip.

Visit Reykjavik Event Consulting’s website here

The brief called for a decorative picture to be displayed within their offices for the creation of ambience.. The wall that the T3 Litebox was to be placed on was very large so needed to be covered with a display that would draw the attention of the viewers eye, act as a possible lighting source and allow for the team at Eimskip to change and stay up to date with their images. Recon used this opportunity to introduce the new T3 Litebox their clients and designed a massive 2.1m high and 3.2m wide wall mounted lightbox.

20170622_154308 editted
(The T3 Litebox before the lights and drivers had been installed and switched on)


The lightbox was mounted onto the wall using T3 shell kit clamps that could be screwed directly into the wall, which allowed for the lightbox to become a permanent fixture without excess damage to the wall.  The T3 Litebox profiles were then fixed directly into the clamps.


Adalsteinn Sverrison, Managing Director of Recon said, “This was the first time I had built and installed a wall mounted version of the T3 Litebox. The display had a very even light distribution, and due to the way it was mounted with the shell clamps, it left about a 5 mm – 7 mm space between the wall and the lightbox which gave it a nice mode lighting around the outer edge of the framework.”


The T3 Litebox was constructed and installed at the Eimskip offices by one person in 1 and half hours, which included the fitting of graphics and the mounting of the transformers to the wall so that the lightbox could stay there as a permanent display.

For more information on the T3 Litebox and T3 Systems click HERE to get into contact with one of our representatives.

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