Ace Diffusion uses the T3 Litebox to help Barclays host a celebration for the Queen’s birthday in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Swiss portable marketing solutions specialists Ace Diffusion partnered with T3 Systems to design and create display solutions for an event hosted by banking giants Barclays in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event was hosted at the UK ambassadors house in Geneva and created for the celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

Ace Diffusion used the patented T3 modular framework system to create two 1 metre free standing T3 Litebox displays


The brief called for a display that was to be used for overall marketing purposes but with specific purposes in each case.  The lightboxes featured Barclays logos and branding on the graphics and were placed at specific points around the event to serve as guest guidance and greeting stations as well as creating ambiance and lighting for the guests as well. Barclays was also looking for a display that could be used without the lights in case they needed to display somewhere without an electricity supply. The T3 Litebox was ideally suited for this project.

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Jonas Mathys, Director at Ace Diffusion commented, “The client loved the system, the fact that it was quick to assemble and easy to transport really sold them. It took 15 minutes for one of the T3 Litebox to be built and I could quickly explain the process to the client while doing it. This means that with just one demonstration they can assemble it themselves at any of their next events showcasing the simplicity of the solution.”

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The event was held throughout the day and into the night which required the graphics to be back lit to have the best impact possible on the guests. The bright LED lights provided a brilliant unbroken light which really illuminates the graphics, and the patented lightbox profiles means that there are no shadowing or dark spots on the graphics.

Philippe van Ameyde, Sales Director at T3 Systems commented, “We have just recently released the T3 Litebox to our distributors and the public. It’s a very versatile and innovative product and is already making an impact on the market. Ace Diffusion is clearly aware of the impression it can make on an event and a display. Jonas and his team have done a fantastic job with a very important client, congratulations to them”

For more information on Ace Diffusion and their wide range of services

And for more information on the T3 System and T3 Litebox visit

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