T3 Systems proves to be a winner again. Best Displays design award winning stand for Illuma Drive.

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Recently Canadian based full-service event and exhibition specialists Best Displays & Graphics (BDG) used T3 Systems to design and manufacture an exhibition stand for Ontario based sustainable lighting and energy company – Illuma Drive Inc.

LFI is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. Allowing for companies and designers to showcase the newest innovations and designs in a global presentation of light and technology.

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BDG used the UK manufactured T3 modular framework system to design and manufacture an exhibition stand for Illuma Dive to display their new products and services.

Covering a floor space of 200 sq. ft., the design called for a number of unique features to be included to help Illuma Drive integrate a number of the lighting solutions easily and effectively.

The team at BDG proceeded to design a large T3 light wall using our channel profile, which provides the most versatility when it comes to graphical applications. The wall featured two extruding 4 foot product display bridges at equal intervals. The whole back wall including bridges was then clad in fabric graphics and then backlit. It also had an internally lit fabric counter featuring a custom colour and textured counter top to match the backlit logo on the back wall and logo on the counter.

Illuma Drive wanted to use their own lighting solutions to illuminate the whole fabric wall and counter while also mounting a number of their spotlight solutions onto the underside of the two bridges. BDG was able to accommodate for this easily with the T3 System due to its versatility and number of channels provided by the T3 Channel profile.

The team at Illuma Drive Inc were enormously pleased with the stand and commented, “We did not have any specific requirements beyond the need to use our limited budget to ensure our products stood out against some massive and elaborate booths, some spending up to $100 000 on their booths. As we won best booth in our pavilion we definitely achieved this goal.”

The entire booth packed into two compact travel cases for the show, providing a very cost effective solution in terms of transportation and storage.

For more information on Best Displays and Graphics and their wide range of services visit www.bestdisplays,com

And for information on the T3 System visit our website www.t3systems.com

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