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Exhibitions are become ever more necessary for companies to attend. They are no longer just an easy way for few members of teams to get out of the mundane day to day work for a couple of days

Exhibitions give them access to a wide range of demographics for potential sales, establishing much needed networks as well as allowing them to freely view what their competitors are doing in the way of product and service innovation.

With this in mind, arriving at one of these exhibitions with a standard pop up and flag stand is just not going to be memorable to your potential customers. So take in consideration the emerging trends that 2017 has to offer…

Interrupt and Disrupt

Break out from the predictable, distinguish yourself from the rest of the exhibitors by making visitors stop, think and engage.

Use lightboxes, digital displays and other statement displays placed strategically to invoke the wow factor in people.


Making people change their view from the general eye level with help to make them stop and engage, so implementing ceiling hung graphics, display towers or ceiling lightboxes will work wonders. 2017 will also be a year where more and more businesses will be designing exhibition stands that purposely interrupt the customer journey, therefore helping them to stand out from the crowd.

Integrated technology will be a major factor in helping to connect exhibitor with customers.

Which leads us into…

Make it immersive

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are at the cutting edge of this trend, with the large big name brands already integrating this technology into all their designs and stands.

While VR and AR are a fantastic addition to the exhibition technology trend it is hard to do well, and many companies will have adopted and implemented this into the arsenal with little or a negative effect.

giphy (8)

If you are looking to create an immersive stand on a budget use lighting and colour to completely change the feel for your stand throughout the day. LED displays and RGB lighting can help to immerse the viewer into your stand especially if you change it throughout the day. Adding display monitors that are playing videos and animations is also a great way of engaging the potential customer for long enough that your sales staff can start a dialogue.

And of course, social media, mobile apps and proximity based messaging tools will continue to be used to create a buzz and a more personalised event experience.

Taking a lesson from retail

Exhibitions are a very high pressure event especially for sales. Attracting people to your stand, gaining data and making sure you leave an impression on that potential customer is key to getting a positive ROI.

This is the day to day operation of companies and brands that operate in the retail industry. Ruthless attention to detail, vivid use of colours and textures and blinding lighting seems to be the difference between a retail store doing well and not doing well on the high street.

giphy (7)

So, why not implement these same elements into your exhibition stands? Seems like common sense right?  Make use of our recently innovated T3 Litebox to make sure your graphics create a visual impact and like previously stated a ‘wow factor’. Also, adding a few of the revolutionary 360° LED light – Wandlite to your design makes sure that the stand is lit to its full capacity.

visit the Wandlite website by clicking here 

Engagement, engagement and some more engagement

There is absolutely no point in creating a vibrant and eye catching stand and attracting visitor to your stand just to lose them at hello. So, once you have captured attention, provide a reason for visitors to engage with your team.

Creating some sort of entertainment for your visitors in the form of games or photo opportunities, seating areas, innovative areas or even just providing food and drink will give your exhibition staff a chance of striking up a conversation in a relaxed setting. Using modular structures and components enables you to create these break out, innovative areas easily and modify them easily to maximise your stand area.

2017 is the year of vibrancy, immersive technology and making sure you make the necessary impact at your exhibition. Getting the necessary foot fall to boost sales, imparting ideal solutions for potential customer’s problems and making sure that your product is disruptive enough within the market.

With the years of experience and ideal products here at Tecna Display, we are helping companies to reinvent their typical exhibition stand by creating innovative and versatile stands that will take them to the next level.

Contact us today to find out more about how T3 could be used for your next exhibition or event.

Email or call us at +44 (0) 208 803 4469

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