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The T3 System provides many dynamic and innovative products and profiles. Non-more so than the T3 Flexi-Curve profile.

The flexi-curve was designed to help users move towards a more innovative and aesthetically diverse display walls. Its uniquely designed grooves are the main source of its design capabilities, they allow for the tube to be bent and shaped into a variety of versatile display curves. Shapes such as U, L or S shape are some of the basics that can be produced when using this feature for your designs. The Flexi- curve works on the same principle as the other T3 profiles; with the twist lock assembly method between end fitting and patented connector.

The flexi-curve provides users with a variety of aesthetic and functional benefits

Aesthetic benefits

  • With the curved displays, images and information can be seen from multiple vantage points with little distortion
  • Your stand can alter from day to day allowing you to concentrate your graphical message to the highest areas of your event.

Functional Benefits

  • Versatility for your display in terms of utilising floor space
  • Alter your stand layout on site without a full redesign.
  • Can replace a fixed curve, when there is uncertainty over curve diameter for display.

Our T3 Distributor; T3 Works located in Bratislava, Slovakia uses the Flexi Wall in a number of their displays and try to refer their customers to it more often.

“We mostly use the flexi-curve profile for standard single wall and then couple it with plinths and counters for a display. We also sometimes use the Flexi-curve wall in combination with a static one.”

Zdenko Sudek – T3 Works

How to Flexi Curve works

The flexicurve profiles work by replacing the original horizontal profiles. The vertical posts work as pivot points for the ‘flex’.

Allowing for multiple graphic types to be mounted onto the framework such as fabric textile and PVC roll up. These can be mounted onto the framework using either magnetic or Velcro tape.

The flexi-curve profile provides a simple yet very versatile feature to your cache of possibilities with the T3 System.


Contact us today to find out more about the T3 Flexi – curve could be used for your next exhibition or event.

Email or call us at +44 (0) 208 803 4469

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