Olson Visual bring the Endeavour Space Shuttle into dock at the California Science Centre using T3.

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Large format print company; Olson Visual located in the USA completed a large 50’ wall mounted display for the Endeavour Space shuttles’ new home at the California Science Centre.

Using Tecna Display’s T3 modular framework system, Olson created an elaborate wall mounted display depicting some of the extensive and rich history and images accumulated by NASA on its many missions.

The 50’ wide and 5’ high wall mounted display was broken up over several walls running around the perimeter of the ‘hanger’ that the Endeavour is located in.

The display was installed using T3 Shell kit clamps that were fitted directly into the wall. A T3 fusion profile framework was then clamped into place to provide a mount for plywood boards to be fixed into place. Finally, PSI Vinyl graphics depicting the images and history of NASA were mounted.

Rick Olson, President of Olson Visual said, “This was our first use of the T3 System in a museum setting. The T3 framework made for a lightweight but strong solution and the clamps made it super easy to attach the profiles to the wall.”

The display was built by two members of the Olson Visual team in under 4 hours, including mounting all the framework and graphics into place.

The California Science Centre is currently raising funds for this display. The shuttle is in a temporary setting, the end goal is to have the shuttle in a vertical orientation attached to a rocket to simulate the actual launch pad look.

For more information on the products and services of Olson Visual visit www.olsonvisual.com

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