5 benefits to using Wandlite for all your lighting.

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The display and exhibition industry is forever moving towards the innovative and eye catching. meaning that lightboxes, illuminated textile graphics and other displays are all increasing in their use but also looking for solutions to offer that are different to their neighbour.

At the forefront of these offerings and the lighting game is the Wandlite LED tube, with its revolutionary design and huge versatility in applications and benefits. Here are some of the reasons why so many companies are now implementing this product into their range of offerings.

 “Large backlit freestanding single panel graphics are something new and eye catching, and we are extremely proud to offer Wandlite as the answer to creating unique and distinctive backlit displays for our entertainment, museums and retail customer” – Rick Olson, Olson Visual Company

1. Unbreakable versatility

The idea of the Wandlite was born due to the various demands and requirements of the display and exhibition industry. Having a bright and robust lighting system is always the key to creating an eye catching and effective display.

The Wandlite’s patented design makes it virtually unbreakable and lightweight, ideal for exhibition and event display lighting. Regular lighting tubes have an unfortunate tendency to break and shatter making them a hazard and nuisance to transport and install at various event venues.

This is where the Wandlite it ideal, because of its design, display contractors and designers, do not have to worry about special storage needs or having heavy handed installers.

The lightweight design makes the Wandlite a cost effective and efficient product for exhibition and display creators to transport to a variety of locations worldwide

“With Recon located in Iceland, logistics is key for us. The Wandlite allows us to pack the lights into small, easy to transport units while allowing us to retain the flexibility and versatility that we need.” – Adalsteinn Sverrisson, Reykjavik Event Consulting

2. 360 degree light

Most lighting systems including LED tubes provide a patchy and ineffective light, with dark spots leaving products unilluminated or dull to look at. The Wandlite is one of the first to provide an unbroken 360° bright white light.

3. Multiple power sources

The Wandlite can be used for off grid and on display purposes due to the variety of power sources it can rely upon. Due to its configuration and design it can be powered by sources such as motorbike batteries, car cigarette lighters and even solar panels.

“During the floods earlier this year, we were hit with power cuts whereupon the Wandlite was invaluable, when connected to a portable battery and hung from a neighbour’s tree it illuminated the whole road” – Simeon Wicks, Tecna UK

4. Easy installation

With its multiple power sources and unique design features, installing a Wandlite into your display is simple. With many specially designed accessories that accommodate most modular display systems or use them individually for other applications.

5. Added Features

The Wandlite can be produced in any length from 250mm to 2400mm, allowing you to be power and cost effective when it comes to your displays. Also, it can be provided in RGB multi-colours meaning that you have your Wandlite in your own company branded colours. A controller can also be integrated with your Wandlite allowing you to set it to a timer or strobe/flash mode.

For more details on the Wandlite and its configurations visit www.wandlite.com or contact a member of the Wandlite Company team at  sales@wandlite.com or +44 (0)208 803 4469


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