Create mega structures with the T3 System. Olson Visual create a 170-foot-long Light wall for cinema distribution giants.

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Olson Visual recently completed their largest display projects to date with motion picture and film companies Focus Features and STX Films. Commissioned to help Focus Features to celebrate their 15-year anniversary and STX Films to rapture attendees at CinemaCon 2017 they created 170’ and 96 ‘ illuminated walls respectively.

Focus Features Anniversary

Using Tecna Display’s T3 modular framework system, Olson created one of its largest displays to date consisting of a 170’ long illuminated wall. The entire display had to be broken into three separate structures due to the location of a fire exit door. The dimensions for the wall segments were 101’ long x 8’ high, 57’ long x 8’ high and finally 13’ long x 8’ high. All the walls were illuminated using the revolutionary Wandlite LED tube, which provided the display with a brilliant white light.

Rick Olson, President of Olson Visual said, “The display and graphic got a fantastic response from the public, members of Focus Features team actually said it was so beautiful, they may cry. It was another momentous success for Olson Visual and T3”

A key aspect to the display was that the 101’ illuminated wall was cladded in a SINGLE SEG fabric panel, Olson’s largest printed graphic to date. The graphics were edged with silicon and mounted onto the T3 framework using our 45° Silverlite profile which gives a clean finish to the display.

This display was commissioned by Focus Features to celebrate their 15-year anniversary, so the graphics depicted highlights of their top films that had been released since the company started.

The 170 feet worth of walls took the crew of Olson Visual 4 hours to build and dress with graphics without the use of tools, this is unheard of when it comes to other display frameworks.

IMG-20170329-WA0007 editted.jpg

STX Films at CinemaCon.

The display structure that Olson Visual created for STX Films was also a T3 modular framework designed step and repeat illuminated wall with the dimensions of 96’ in length, 6’-9’ in height and 24’’ in depth. The structure was lit using a LED lighting system that allowed the event producers to remotely control the intensity of the lights. Lights could be dimmed or even shut off during interviews and trailer previews.

The 96’ wall was broken into 5 separate segments; each segment was then staggered to make the step and repeat display. Due to space on the stage and available time, the team at Olson pre-built the 5 segments and wheeled them in for installation and dressing with graphics.

IMG-20170329-WA0003 editted

Rick Olson Continued, “The crowd of 4000+ watched as the T3 structure with the beautifully printed STX logo patterned graphic would light up and go dark instantly when a film trailer was played on the large screen overhead. It was another example of why T3 is the best choice for event structures.”

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