Recon invites IBTM visitors to “Meet in Reykjavik” with the T3 System and Wandlite.

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Recently Tecna Display worked with specialist event consultants Recon to create a stunning display for Meet in Reykjavik at the IBTM World in Barcelona, Spain.

IBTM is the leading global event for the meetings, incentives, conferences, events and business travel industry and Meet in Reykjavik is the official convention bureau in Iceland for Reykjavik and surrounding areas

Visit IBTM World website for more details

The stand covered a 58-square metre floor space with the dimensions of 5.5 metres in length, 2 metres in width and 2.5 in metres height. With a very unique sloping curve on one face.

Recon used the UK manufactured T3 modular display system to create the framework for their vibrant promotional stand and used the revolutionary Wandlite LED tube for illuminating graphics.

Using a combination of the T3 System’s channel and fusion profile to create the framework. The design called for a variety of custom curves to be used to create a unique sweeping curve to the stand. This was made possible because the T3 System is renowned for being able to create unique and stunning curved structures that few other systems have the ability to replicate.

The stand’s two large sides were wrapped with a single graphics each, which gave it a strikingly clean finish. The graphics which were printed with UV backlit fabric allowed for the entire stand to be backlit flawlessly with using the Wandlite Led tubes.

Adalsteinn Sverrisson, Managing Director of Recon said, “We used the Wandlite for our backlighting because it gives us the greatest versatility when it comes to these sorts of projects. The light that is provides is bright white and 360 degrees plus its very easy to power also with it being virtually unbreakable it’s safe to ship which ideal for onsite installations and unconventional locations.”

The stand’s brief called for the incorporation of two large display monitors which were used for promotional videos created by Meet in Reykjavik and a functional custom door at the side of the display which allowed for the company’s event staff to use the display as storage. These features were easily incorporated into the stand using T3 monitor support brackets and an array of custom T3 doors.

The entire stand was assembled by two members of the Recon team in under two days, which includes the installation and mounting of display monitors, lighting and graphics.

Adalsteinn continued, “For this brief logistics was key for us, ourselves and our client are based in Iceland, so we were designing and pre-building in Reykjavik and then transporting to the show in Barcelona. We needed the stand to be able to be broken down into small units, easy for shipment. So, the system needed to have optimal flexibility and versatility without losing any of its display potential. The T3 System offers all of this to us and we were very happy with the result. The stand was also partially used by the client at another event of theirs in Iceland, which is a fantastic testament to the versatility and re-usability of a stand created with the T3 System”

Mukesh Kansara, Senior Designer for Tecna Display said, “The clean finish and vibrant graphics created by Recon were stunning and the inclusion of the custom curves to one side made it a very unique and eye catching display. Recon continues to do clever and stunning work with the T3 System.”

For more details on Recon and their services visit their website

For information on Tecna Display’s systems, go to

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