Build an award winning indoor rocket track with T3! Bell Stone win Best Activity Stand at BETT 2017 for Microsoft Education activity stand.

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Exhibition and modular display specialist Bell stone Associates in the United Kingdom recently completed a project an outstanding stand design and creation for Bloodhounds’ Race for the line project at Microsoft Education Activity Stand at BETT 2017.

Bell stone Associates was commissioned to design and construct a functional and attractive stand for the event. It needed to consist of an enclosed modular race track for the races and all promotional walls and advertising banners.

Oliver Bell, Managing Director of Bell Stone Associates commented, “The brief called for a package that could be easily installed while being stored and transported efficiently as it will be travelling to Dubai in April and then worldwide over the next 2 years. It also needed to be flexible enough to have the length of the track changed according the floor space and the stage of the competition. It also needed to look goof and be stable and tough enough to withstand crowds of children.”

Bell stone used Tecna Display’s UK manufactured modular display systems – T3 Affinity to create the variety of features for the event.

The dimensions for the full stand floor space was 15 metres in length and 3 metres in width. The layout of the display consisted of the modular race track as well as a promotional wall that served as a back drop. The full stand took two members of the Bell stone team one full day to build, which is a fantastic feat considering the amount of design elements that were in play.

The race track was designed and built using the T3 Affinity system. The design consisted of modular sections which provided the opportunity for the length of the track to be changed according to floor space and the stage of the competition. It had a variety of unique features such as a variety of work stations for the individual teams to work on their model cars. As well as a pair of screens to display the race times and leader board updates on.

The promotional back wall was designed and built using T3 Affinity system as well but in a different capacity.  The combination between the Affinity posts and beams meant that the back wall took up less floor space than other framework systems while remaining stable and visually appealing. Using T3 Affinity beams with Velcro meant that the graphics could be easily mounted and changed without having to deconstruct the entire framework.

The Race for the Line project is an initiative created by Bloodhound together with partners Microsoft and The Learning Partnership. It is the UK’s largest STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) initiative, with over 100 000 students from across the UK participating in designing, building and racing model rocket cars as part of a national competition.

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Oliver Bell responded when asked why he uses the T3 Affinity system, “It’s a very robust framework with a very quick set up time. This project had several design changes during production which would normally have been difficult for us to get completed with such a short lead time. But having the ability to cut and configure the posts and beams of the T3 Affinity components quickly at our factory meant a big deal. Also, the modularity and number of accessories of the system were very useful in adapting to the changing requirements.”

For more information of Bell Stone Associates visit their website at

For information on the T3 product ranges contact a member of the Tecna Display team at or call us 0n +44 (0) 208 803 4469.


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