The versatility of the T3 modular framework system is shown again.

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As the T3 System evolves and moves into new industries, the variations of uses and applications for the ultimate framework system are becoming more diverse. The T3 System with its patented twist lock connectors allows for quick installation and ease of transportation and being designed and made with superior quality materials it is no wonder that the variety of applications for its use are ever increasing.

That coupled with the constant innovation of new features and accessories, it uses are no longer confined to just the exhibition and display industry. It is being used in more ‘unconventional’ ways, and adapted to be used as a framework system for more than just graphics and monitor mounting.

This has recently been showcased fantastically by one of our United Arab Emirates users by using it as a support structure. The company Set Square:  recently created a variety of frameworks to display their diverse range of Solid State Logic music mixing consoles. As seen in the images, frameworks were created for the consoles to be placed on. Some of these consoles weigh up to 162 kilograms but the T3 created stands did not fault in support.

Another of their most recent project successes, a T3 systems stage for an event for Macallan Rare Whisky, held in the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The tubes for the stage were easily integrated into the back-graphic wall.

The T3 System provides the structural integrity for the stage, and allows for designs like the one featured to be easily assembled and dismantled at multiple venues and without the need for tools or huge installation teams. The T3 System is allowing event designers and creators to be more creative with their designs and applications while not costing their clients huge premiums.

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