Best Displays and T3 Systems create a convertible stand to exhibit multiple brands with one stand.

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Canadian Trade Show and exhibition specialists Best Display and Graphics recently completed a functional and stunning display stand for Element Nutrition.

Using the UK manufactured T3 modular framework system, Best Displays designed and created a 6m x 3m U shaped stand that could convert into a 3m x 3m stand.

The option to convert the stand was the key feature that sold this stand to Element Nutrition. The purpose for the conversion was that Element Nutrition needed this to happen so that they could focus on a single brand or incorporate both brands in either sized display. As seen in the featured images, the stand was displaying brand ranges ‘Boomer Nutrition’ and ‘IronKids Nutrition’.

Designing and creating a stand that could convert was no easy task, but Best displays managed to accommodate these requirements perfectly with their design. Also, due to the T3 System’s modularity and easy, twist lock assembly it made the stand a possibility where other framework systems would have failed.

The stand also featured two ‘bridges’ that were used by the client to display a variety of their small bottles and products which would have normally been lost to the public eye. A large monitor to display a variety of promotional product videos the attendees, which was easily included into the design using T3 monitor support brackets, which fit securely onto the framework.

Magali Fuller from Best Displays commented, ‘Element Nutrition found the display very quick and easy to assemble. We provided precise and easy to follow directions and that coupled with the patented twist lock, no tools assemble system of the T3 framework meant the stand was built by the client at the venue without problems. The travel cases used to store and transport the whole stand were easy to use and compact meaning that the client could transport them in their own vehicle and sturdy enough it be brought back to the office by a third party’

For more information on Best Displays and Graphics and their wide range of services visit www.bestdisplays,com

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 System visit our website

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