T3 Systems newly released Rigidisers.

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The feature for this week’s Friday is a newly developed product from Tecna Display for the T3 modular framework system. This newly developed product is to add an extra strength and security element to the framework.

With the T3 System being used in more industries, in a variety of different ways, we are constantly looking to innovate and develop new accessories and products that will help to maintain and even improve on the high standard of quality and excellence of stands and displays that the name T3 is known for being to able to create.

The newly developed accessory is the CONNECTOR RIGIDISER, coming in numerous variations, it brings an extra element of strength and structural integrity to display framework built with the T3 System.

There are 4 design variations in the support clamp that allow it to serve every possible purpose for a display.

The variations are as follows:

  • Support Clamp Corner L SCLMPC
  • Support Clamp Flat I SCLMPI
  • Support Clamp Flat T SCLMPT
  • Support Clamp Flat X SCLMPX

The clamps are installed internally on all the structures so that they do not hinder or obstruct the design and graphics at all. They are compact and easy to transport while being simple to install, making it an ideal product to have for all your stands.

How to install:

Applications for these clamps.

The clamps are ideal for weight bearing displays, free standing display walls and light walls and for overhead structures including arches.

Here are a few examples of their use:


For more information on today’s featured T3 product accessory contact a member of our team directly at | sales@tecnadisplay.com | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more information on our other products and accessories visit our website at http://www.t3systems.com.

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