Product Displays with T3 Systems

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The featured display was designed and built using the T3 modular framework system. It was created to be a versatile and functional product display piece for events and exhibitions. Due to the T3 Systems modular and that it is easy to assemble and transport characteristics, it can be used in quick succession at a variety of locations.

Perfect for temporary pop up and retail events and exhibitions, it can be used as a side or focal piece for the user. Also, due to its design it can be used in a permanent capacity for stores and shops. The T3 System provides it users with unlimited design possibilities.

Customised to your needs

Due to our manufacturing process and the modularity of the T3 modular framework system, your design can be customised. Tubes can be cut to almost any length, with connectors attached per specifications. Meaning the displays can are completely up to the designer’s imaginations and specifications. In the case of this display, the variety of curved tubes that were used are also adaptable. Length of the tube can be cut according to design and the curve is adjustable within reason. Meaning that when a design has been very effective it can be adapted to the parameters of the space that you have.

Graphic Types

This stand design features graphics that are a shaped Dibond board for the front panel and PVC roll for the side/outer panels. These have been mounted onto the framework using magnetic tape that attaches to the steel finishing on the framework. Another possibility for attachment is using Velcro tape which will allow for a more permanent solution.

One of the main benefit and the reason why so many people are now turning towards the T3 system for their displays is the versatility and adaptability of graphics with the framework. Although this stand was designed and used the above mentioned graphic type adjusting it to fabric or PVC is as simple as using different inserts.

Design Specifics

The display was 3 metres wide and 2.7 metres high with the inner display hole being 1.8-metre-wide and 1.5 metres high.

The framework was designed and built using a combination of our Channel and Fusion tubes. The Channel tubes were used to create the numerous corner curves on the stand whereas the Fusion tubes were used for the straights. These were used because they allow for the ultimate versatility when it comes to different graphic types and accessories.

The shelving units were created by using our twist in shelf supports that fit in the channels of the fusion tubes. The allow for the shelf heights to be adjusted easily while remaining secure and unobtrusive to the display.

This structure required two individuals under 1.5 hours to assemble and mount graphics. The assembly of the structure required no extra tools or training. It was also packed up into two compact T3 travel cases which can easily be fitted into the back of a car or small van.

The versatility, ease of transportation and simple assembly that is unique to the T3 System means that more companies are turning towards to the T3 System for product displays.

For more information on today’s featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas or structures visit our website

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