A Coca Cola Cafe created using T3 Systems.

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The team at the specialist agency design agency Ateliers located in Gallius, France recently completed an exceptional stand for a huge household name Coca – Cola.

Under the promotional advertising campaign of “Discover the secrets of production for Coca-Cola” the stand was designed and created to be used at numerous venues and events. The stand was used to display their various production facilities dotted around France and some key factoids about those facilities.

Using the UK manufactured T3 modular framework system, Ateliers created a 5 metre x 3 metre L shaped stand which was 2.4 metres high. The design was to make the stand resemble a small café and included some unique features including a functioning door and three indented alcoves which were used to depict shop windows of the café. A 1.2 metre 0.3 metre counter was also created in a similar fashion to the larger stand.

The framework for the stand was created using the T3 fusion and channel tubes. These tubes allow for the most versatility when it comes to possible graphic types and other attachments that can be used. Due to the height of the structure, Channel braces were used to secure the top section and provide extra rigidity and strength to the structure. The counter was created by using the T3 fusion tube only.

For the stand, Ateliers used a textile fabric with silicon edging for the graphics which allows for ease of installation and a clean finish to the display. They made use of a combination of T3 Systems’ standard Silverlite for the internal corners and 45° Silverlite for the outside panels so that there is seamless edge to the stand and its graphics. For the counter a similar layout was used although only on one side. With the front sides outer edges using our 45° Silverlite is created a smooth finish, and the side panels using classic Silverlite.

The entire stand was packed into two compact travel cases which fitted into the back of small van. At the various venues where the stand was showcased it was unpacked and assembled by two members of the Ateliers team in four and half hours without the use of tools.

Mukesh Kansara from Tecna Display commented, “A lot of work went into the design and manufacture of this stand, so it’s fantastic to see such a stunning result with the product. Ateliers continues to use the T3 System in some unique and effective ways. The fact that the stand was also able to be transported and assembled so easily at multiple venues is a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of the system.”

For more information on Ateliers and their wide range of services please visit www.a-d-e.fr

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 System visit our website www.t3systems.com


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