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Circular Entrance

Our feature this Friday is a circular archway that can either provide a fantastic entrance display for an event or provide a stand with an eye catching feature for their stand. Providing some great opportunites for visitors and exhibitors alike.

Types of Uses

This feature has a few rather unique and eye catching uses at events and exhibitions. For event or exhibition organisers it provides a fantastic entrance for attendees to pass underneath upon entering the event. The large panel space provides the opportunity for designers to showcase vivid graphics, display sponsors and create possible photo/promotion opportunities for the visitors. It also provides them with a revenue opportunity, selling advertising space to individual exhibitors as this structure will certainly be seen by all upon entry. It can also be used a platform for the increasing in popularity projection mapping. Individual stand designers can use this particular structure in a similar manner but on a much more personalised scale.

Customised to your needs

Tecna Display and the T3 modular framework system allow for all the tubing profiles to be cut to custom lengths. With the Allowing for the size of the display features to be completely up to the designer when it comes to size. The curves that make up the majority of this stand are also able to be customised, allowing for the size of the entrance to be configured according to the designer.

Display Specifics

The whole structure is 4 metre high and 4.6 metres wide, with the actual entrance being 2 metres wide and 2.2 metres high. A stand of this size would normally be a very daunting task to design and construct. Also transporting the materials for the structure to the venue would require huge vehicles and a large team would need to be on call at the venue. With the T3 modular framework system this type of structure becomes an easy and manageable task.

Designed to use T3 Fusion and T3 Airframe tubing profiles as the framework, which provided the structural integrity for a display large. They are also the most versatile when it comes to adding additional features onto the display. The Airframe is used for the curves on the structure and the Fusion tubes are used for the rest of the framework.

The screens the feature on either side of the entrance are secured to the framework using a monitor brackets which are screwed directly into the framework.

Graphic Types

There are two type of graphics that can be used; PVC Roll Up and Rigid board. These two types of graphics will be able to accommodate for the curves and the actual entrance. They can be attached to the structure using either Velcro or magnetic tape. Using these types of graphical attachments allows for the structure to be used for multiple events just graphics can be replaced easily.

This structure would require a team of 4 under 2 hours to assemble the full framework and attach graphics and also packing up into 4 compact travel cases including graphics it is simple and cost effective to transport and store for multiple events.

Using the T3 modular framework system for large structures allows exhibitors to more cost effective and efficient of transportation and construction costs. It also affords them the ability to reuse and repurpose their stand and stock due to its interlocking modular mechanisms.

For more information on today’s featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas or structures visit our website

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