Olson Visual transforms ordinary conference room into stunning exhibition space with T3 Systems

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Olson Visual

From Brooklyn Ave to Cesar Chaviz: Jewish Histories in Multi-ethnic Boyle Heights

Alan D. Leve Centre for Jewish Studies, UCLA

6 – 9 November 2016


The team at Olson Visual, a full service large format digital graphics provider, recently completed a pop up exhibition for the release of the Jewish Histories in Multi-Ethnic Boyle Heights.

More information on the exhibition –> http://www.cjs.ucla.edu/2016-grand-opening-exhibition/

Article about the exhibition –> https://dailybruin.com/2016/11/07/art-exhibit-celebrates-history-of-boyle-heights-neighborhood/

Using the UK manufactured T3 modular framework system, Olson Visual created numerous display frames that would allow them to mount the exhibitions variety of information graphics and monitors  .

The materials used for the majority of the exhibitions informative graphics were dibond and fabric. The dibond was mounted onto the framework using  Velcro, whereas the fabric graphics were mounted onto the frameworks using silicon edging which is fitted into T3 silverlite inserts.

The exhibition showcased artifact such as old Yiddish typewriters and yearbooks, along with new technological mediums like digital maps and videos. These were all accommodated for with the T3 system. Perspex cases were created and attach to the T3 System to secure the artifact. The digital monitors including screens and iPad’s were screwed directly onto the framework.

The frameworks were created using the T3 Airframe and Fusion tubing profiles. This allowed for the most versatility when it comes to graphic installations. The Airframe tube allows for Velcro and magnetic tape to be used while the fusion tubing profile allows for the addition of fabric with silicon edging to be utilised.

Jenna Kush, Museum Consultant for Olson Visual had this to say “We used the T3 System because it allowed for a quick set up, cleanliness of the design and the flexibility of materials we could cover the framework with. In addition, the hall had no freight elevator and exhibition space was on the third floor, so easy modular breakdown was key for transportation.”

The entire exhibition’s frameworks were installed within 5 days. The wall frames were assembled in a day and the graphics and flooring took an additional two and half to three days.

Jenna added, “The client was very happy with the results. They couldn’t believe how we completely transformed a conference room they see every day into an exhibition space, and the T3 System was essential for that. Although it was only open for a short time, hundreds of people toured the exhibition. The Centre has had very positive responses and there is interest from other institutions in Los Angles to show the exhibition in future.”

For more information on Olson Visual and their wide range of services please visit www.olsonvisual.com

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 System visit our website www.t3systems.com or contact us directly at | sales@tecnadisplay.com | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469|

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