Versatility with your counters

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Reconfigurable Curved Counter

The feature that we are focusing on for this Friday is a reconfigurable curved counter space that allows for users to have ultimate versatility when it comes to creating diverse work spaces or display counters.

Types of Uses

As a display item the counter as whole is one of the most simple but versatile features to have in your arsenal. Being used for many applications in display categories such as retail, point of sale, exhibition it has multiple uses and offers many opportunities. The obvious uses for counters are product display areas, customer interaction spaces and work space desks to name a few. In the case of the featured design it allows for much more to be done. With there being three individual counters, exhibitors can created dynamic S shaped separation counters or three quarter circles. With the counters being separated it also allows the user to create designated areas for visitors, with each counter being assigned to a particular product, service or stage in their process.

In addition each counter can be fitted with lockable wheel sets which means that the counters can be moved about the stand easily and allow for a variety of new options to be opened to the designer.

Customised to your needs

Tecna Display and the T3 modular framework system allow for all the tubing profiles to be cut to custom lengths. Allowing for the size of the display features to be completely up to the designer when it comes to size.

Display Specifics

The specifics for this structure are that each counter is 1 metre high x 1.8 metres wide with the counter space being 0.6 metres deep.  It was designed and built using the T3 Channel and Fusion tubing profiles, which are the most versatile when it comes to allowing for graphical and shelving inserts. The Fusion profile allows for steel finishing to be used which is coupled with the magnetic tape for graphics to be mounted, while the channel accommodates the Silverlite 45 degree inserts for the fabric graphics.

Graphic Types

This type of structure can accommodate almost any type of graphic type due to it having the T3 System tubing profiles as its framework. The most common types of graphic used would be fabric as this will best suit the featured curves. This would be mounted onto the framework by using the T3 Silverlite 45 degree inserts.

Another graphic type possibility that can be used is PVC roll up. This type will be able to accommodate the types of curves that are integral to this design. How the graphics will be mounted onto the framework is by using magnetic tape.

Products Used

This type of display counter is created simply using the T3 modular framework system. With a tool free assembly time of under an hour by two individuals, it can built and dismantled quickly at multiple functions. Also packing up into three compact travel cases which fit comfortably into the back of a small van it is perfect to showcase at a variety of locations.

For more information on today’s featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas or structures visit our website

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