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Exhibition and advertising specialists Display Haz based in Budapest, Hungary recently completed an impressive display for Bombay Sapphire Gin Company, using the UK manufactured T3 Modular framework system.

Display Haz created a large L shaped display wall that would be used by Bombay Sapphire to promote their products at variety of events.

The display was designed to have a 2.4 metre high by 1.7 metre long short side and a 3.8 metre long by 2.4 high long side. The wall was designed and created using Tecna Displays’ T3 modular framework system, with T3 fusion aluminium and PVC tubing profiles used to form the framework.

Product Used

The fabric graphics were mounted onto the framework using the T3 Silverlite 45 degree inserts. The graphics had silicon edging which combines with the 45 degree by being inserted into its grooves perfectly. The graphics were back lit to add an extra vibrancy to the display.

The stand included a product display case which was created using fixed shelving inserts combined with Perspex shelves. It also featured a monitor which was used to play a variety of promotional videos, it was mounted onto the framework using the T3 monitor brackets.

David Városi from Display Haz, “The client wanted a stand that could display their graphics vividly and draw attention to their actual products, so we had the graphics back lit and installed a variety of display shelves. They also wanted the side wall and back wall to be separate which we were able to achieve by using double joiners.

The entire stand was packed into three large compact travel cases which fitted comfortably into a small van. At the venue it took two members of the Display Haz team under an hour to unpack and assemble the entire display without the use of tools.

David added, “The client was very happy with their new display and the fact that they could use the back and side wall separately was an added bonus. They will be using the display for a few events this year.”

Philippe van Ameyde from Tecna Display said, “This stand really displays the capabilities of the T3 modular system, with the unique display shelves and the separated back and side walls. Also the fact that the client is able to use the stand at a variety of events for the year adds to how cost effective and versatile a T3 modular framework system.”

For more information on Display Haz and its wide range of services please visit or contact them at | | or call | +36 (0) 614 220 851|

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 system visit our website or contact us directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469|

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