Retail Displays made easy and reconfigurable

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T3 Affinity: Creating stunning, cost effective displays for retail stores.

For this week’s feature Friday we focus in on how the T3 Affinity system can be used to create elaborate, purpose built retail displays for multiple applications and types of stores. The featured store front is for a sunglasses retailer that needed a variety of shelving and display areas for their various brands of sunglasses.

How it was created

This store front was designed and created using the versatile T3 Affinity display system. With its standard tubing profiles and connectors used as the framework for the various display walls and counters. It has a huge variety of retro fit accessories that allow you to create almost all types of display features such as shelving, counter space, racks and so on without needing to adjust the actual framework or design.

Customised to your needs

Tecna Display and the T3 Affinity system allow for all the tubing profiles to be cut to custom lengths. Allowing for the size of the display features to be completely up to the designer when it comes to size. The shelving units or counter space can be adjusted to the size that is required by the designer.

Display Specifics/ Features

This type of shelving is created using the T3 Affinity Shelf bracket T Bolt. Attaching directly into the standard tubing profiles. It can be adjusted to different heights or width according to the needs of the designer. This type of shelving feature was created using our 90 degree beam bracket, which allows for wooden or other counter tops to be securely attached to the horizontal beams. A variety of types of shelves can be installed into the system due to its unique and versatile grooves on the tubing profiles.

Graphic Types

For this particular stand, rigid panel graphics have been used. They have been slid directly into the channels, meaning that graphics can be changed without having to completely dismantle your whole display.

This types of structure can be a fantastic addition to your retail display and allows it to become highly reconfigurable and cost effective when the T3 Affinity system is used. This is because once a design of display is chosen it can still be altered as time passes which means that when you buy a T3 Affinity retail display multiple options become available and means that you can update your store as time passes.Without the need for tools during assembly and packing up into compact travel cases it means that it can be used for multiple locations if required.

For more information on today’s featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas or structures visit our website

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