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Golden Strength and Poker Stars

Resort Casino Hotel. Atlantic City, USA

October 29th – November 6th

The team at Golden Strength Inc. recently completed a project for the PokerStars Festival debut in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The event was organised by an Argentinian company and was hosted in the Resort Casino Hotel. It featured some of the best poker talent from the Middle and North American regions.

The project consisted of 26 stands ranging in length that were used for large graphic displays. The range of sizes was from the smallest 1 metre long x 2.5 metre high wall to the largest, a 18 metre long x 3 metre high wall. Some of these stands were joined to make larger segmented stands, each containing unique images and messages. The T3 modular framework system was used by the Golden Strength team to build all 26 of the stands.


The framework was built using the most versatile tubing profile offered by Tecna Display for the T3 System, the Fusion tube. Designed to combine the best of both airframe and channel functionality, it allowed for the widest variety of graphical inserts or attachments to be used.

The graphics consisted mostly of fabric and were mounted to the framework using either the 45 degree angle or Silverlite insert. A Sintra board graphic were used for the ‘Information Desk’ stand and this was comprised of three panels which were mounted onto the framework using Velcro tape attached directly to the framework and graphic. The methods that were used by Golden Strength to attach the graphics allowed for easy reuse and replacement for other events adding towards the sustainability and efficiency of the T3 modular framework system.

Charles Wong owner of Golden strength had this to say, “The stand was built within the hotel, so only Union members were allowed to build the stand. It took 7 – 8 workers a full day to build and attach all the graphics without the use of tools or levers.

He continued “Our client liked the T3 System because of easy, tool free set up and dismantling abilities and most importantly because of its versatility and re-usability. We had been negotiating with the client for about 3 weeks, and only finalised details about 10 days before the event start date. Due to the fantastic help of Tecna Displays’ sales and projection staff, we were able to successfully design and deliver all the stands for the event and produce a fantastic result for PokerStars”

With the continuous innovation and huge amount work going on with the T3 System especially within the American region, Charles Wong and the Golden Strength team would like to offer their services to anyone requiring an experienced helping hand with building or setting up of stands and events.

For more information on Golden Strength and how to contact them please visit

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 system visit our website or contact us directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469|

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