How to make an Igloo at your next exhibition.

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Exhibition Igloo



As its Friday we take a look at another feature that is made possible by using the T3 modular framework system. Our focused on feature this week is an ‘Igloo’. This design of stand will certainly turn some heads and be a focal point for your next exhibition or

Types of Uses

For this type of display structure there can be few applications. Firstly, it can used a meeting room for potential clients. With the four walls meeting overhead it will give the exhibitor and visitor a sense of privacy without being oppressive.

Another application is using the Igloo as a small interactive display area for potential clients. As pictured in the image an exhibitor can house a variety of monitors or projection equipment to do product demonstrations or play promotional videos.

Customisable to the your needs

Tecna Display and the T3 System allow for all the tubing profiles to be cut to custom lengths. Allowing for the size of the display feature to be completely up to the designer. The curved ‘arms’ that are the focal point for this structure can be adjusted to make the structure taller and wider.

Display Specifics

The specifics for this stand are that it is 4.4 metres wide and 3 metres high. With each curved ‘arm’ being 1.2 metres wide. This type of structure was design and built using a combination of T3’s Airframe and Fusion tubing profiles. These tubing profiles are the most versatile and allow for multiple attachments to be used. The Fusion tubing profiles allow for steel finishing to be used which is coupled with the magnetic tape on the graphic, this is also the same process for graphics that have velcro tape mounted onto them.

Graphic Types

For this particular of stand the types of graphics that can be used is limited to two due to the curve. The first type of graphic that can be used is PVC roll up, this can be mounted onto the framework via two methods. Using either magnetic or velcro tape will allow the graphics to sit securely but be replaced easily. The next type of graphic that can be used is fabric. How it would be mounted on the framework would be by using our 45 degree Silverlite insert. The graphic would be fitted with a silicon edge which slots easily into insert.

This type of structure can be fantastic focal point for any exhibition stand and is simply designed and created using the T3 modular framework system. With a tool free assembly time of 1.5 hours by two individuals, it can built and dismantled quickly at multiple functions. Also packing up into two compact travel cases which fit comfortably into the back of a car or small van it is perfect to showcase at a variety of locations

For more information on today’s featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas or structures visit our website

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