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Recon partnered with EimSkip at

Seafood Expo Global 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

The T3 modular framework system was recently used by specialist event and exhibition company Recon situated in Reykjavik, Iceland.

They created a stand for the transportation and logistics company Eimskip at this year’s Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels, Belgium. The aim was to create a large informative stand that would enable Eimskip to highlight their services, host a variety of meetings, increase client acquisition, etc.

The stand consisted of a large 15m by 2.5m display wall. Included in the design was a connected partially closed off 4m by 3m room that could be used for either storage or meetings with visitors and potential customers. This room was situated at one end of the stand while the rest of the stand was occupied by small tables and chairs that could also be used for customer interactions and meetings.

The entire wall was created using T3’s fusion tube profile, which allowed for the graphics to be connected using our Silverlite 45 degree angle insert. This type of insert allowed for the fabric graphics to be attached easily with silicon edging.

Some extra features were installed to the stand including two large monitors which were used to display promotional videos that Eimskip had created to further explain their services to the stands’ visitors. These monitors were mounted directly onto the framework by using our secure brackets.

Another unique feature about stand was that the entire display was back-lit using the revolutionary Wandlite. This provide the whole stand with an added eye catching element and also meant that the images and information that the graphics displayed was easier to read and more vivid to viewers. The Wandlites were mounted directly onto the framework using our stick light clamps which twist into the channels of the T3 Fusion tubing profile.

The entire stand was transport to the location of the expo in four compact travel cases including the large fabric graphics. The travel cases were fitted into the back of a small van for extra convenience to Recon. At the venue the stand was built by two members of the Recon team in under 4 hours, this includes the time it took to mount graphics and install the numerous Wandlites.

The stand was a fantastic result and displays the versatility that the T3 modular framework system offers to its users, also using the Wandlite as a means of illuminating the displays walls was a great design decision by the team at Recon. Tecna Display is proud to have helped Recon deliver such a great result for Eimskip.

For more information on Recon and their services please visit

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 system or the revolutionar Wandlite visit our website  or contact us directly at | | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469|

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