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UN – European Parliamentary Buildings

Brussels, Belgium

Next way recently completed a project at the European Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium. The stand was created for the UN to present and communicate a variety of messages and programmes to the Parliamentarians that roam the buildings’ halls.

The project consisted of 12m x 2.5m large display wall that was located in the foyer of the building. The wall was designed and created using Tecna Displays’ T3 modular framework system. The specifics for the display wall were, T3 fusion tubing profiles were used to create the framework while Velcro taping was mounted onto the framework and fabric graphics to allow for the ease of attachment of the graphics.

Arnaud van Reysen Co- Founder of Next way commented, “The client already had the fabric graphic in stock, so we needed a system that could adapt a structure that would fit their already existing graphic. The T3 system is in my opinion the most flexible system for these purposes.”

The entire stand was packed in two large compact cases which fitted comfortably into the back of a car. Due obvious security reasons that are associated with the Parliament buildings in Brussels, the stand was carried by hand over 600 metres to the foyer of the building which was the location of installation. This is a testament to the ease of transportation and how lightweight the T3 System is.

Arnaud had this to say, “The ease of transportation that the T3 System provides was a great asset to us especially for this project, because the location was very difficult to access.”

Once the travel cases were in the location of the installation it required two members of the Next-way team 75 minutes to unpack and assemble the entire 12 metre wall without requiring the use of any tools.

This stand is a fantastic example of the capabilities of the T3 modular display system not only in bespoke display designing but also for the rental of equipment. Being completely modular the T3 framework system allows companies to create specifically adapted stands to accommodate all manners of projects.

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