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Pyramid corner display

For this weeks Featured Friday we take a look at a simple yet dynamic design feature that is this pyramid corner display piece created using the T3 modular framework system.


There are multiple possible usesĀ for this type of display feature. Firstly it could be used as just a simple corner structure with a variety of vibrant graphics attached to the framework. Another idea is that certain spaces in the design could be used creatively to make display alcoves for products or literature, thus making this feature a very unique and dynamic display case. It could also be used to create work or meeting areas at your next exhibition. Placing a desk or table into the corner will allow booth staff to have meaningful conversations with visitors.

Customisable to your needs

Tecna display and the T3 system allow for the tubing profiles to be cut to custom lengths, therefore the size of this particular display feature is completely up to the designer. As we have mentioned in previous articles, going up is the way forward. By designing a taller display feature, it helps for exhibition visitors and attendees to locate your stand easier amongst the mayhem that these events generally churn up.

Display Specifics

The types of tubing profiles that can be used for this type of display feature includes our Airframe, Ultralite, Fusion and Channel.

Each of these tubing profiles provides unique display opportunities to designers and can be used in combination with each other to create either a simple or elaborate display feature.

Graphic types

When using our more simple tubing profiles such as the airframe or ultralight, the graphic types that can be used include fabric, PVC roll up and rigid panels. How they are attached to the framework is via Magnetic or Velcro tape. In the case of the magnetic tape, which is best suited towards PVC roll up, stainless steel strips are directly mounted onto the framework and the magnetic tape is mounted directly onto the graphic panels. It allows for easy attachment of the graphics as well as replacement of the graphics, adding towards the modularity of T3. For Velcro, which is best suited for rigid panels and fabric, the same process is undertaken. Velcro tape is mounted onto the framework as well as the graphic panels. As mentioned before if the fusion or channel tubing profiles are used a 45 degree insert can be implemented which accommodates textile graphic types to be used.


The types of accessories that can be accommodate by this sort of display feature is broad and by using certain types of tubing profiles it increases. As mentioned earlier by using either a fusion or channel tubing profile, a designer can create shelves to create display alcoves. By using our twist in shelf support, you can create adjustable shelf supports. Another unique accessories or display feature that can be create is mounting display monitors. These can be created by using our monitor brackets which can accommodate almost any size of monitor.

In the featured image, the designer has created hidden display shelves that fit into the display pyramid. This feature could act as a storage space for more literature or even for products.

If you decided that for your next exhibition or trade show you would like to use this pyramid corner display, assembly of such a structure is a breeze. Taking just two members of your team under an hour to assemble without the use of tools.

For more information on todays’ featured Friday display piece contact a member of our team directly at | sales@tecnadisplay.com | or call | +44 (0) 208 803 4469 |. For more ideas visit our website www.tecnadisplay.com

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