Success at the C!Print Exhibition in Madrid,Spain.

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T3 Systems featured at this year’s C!Print Exhibition through our Spanish distributor Mario Calvo. Producing two stands in total, one stand being shared between Mario Calvo (T3 Systems) and ImpreTienda a Spanish printing company and the other featuring Mario Calvo’s own printing equipment resale company. All the stands were designed, manufactured and distributed by Tecna Display in two weeks, which is a testament to the fantastic work and service that the team at Tecna Display is doing constantly.

Mario Calvo T3 Systems Stand

The shared stand was a 10 metre back wall supported at either end by T3 Affinity poles and split down the middle by 5 metre high tower. The central splitting tower featured a door that lead into a room for booth staff to store a variety of materials.  It stand also featured a 3 metre curved extrusion that came out of the central display tower. Two light 3 metre columns featured accompanied by two display counters. That brings the total amount of displays features to 6. These all had fabric and roll up graphic panels attached using magnetic tape or our 45 degree inserts for the fabric. The stand and all its display features took 2 men under 6 hours to assemble the framework and attach the graphic panels without the needs for tools. This is a phenomenal feat considering the size and diversity of the stand’s design.

The second stand for Mario Calvo consisted of a 10 metre by 3 metre back display wall with an extruding storage room. The huge vibrant graphic were printed onto fabric which were then mounted onto the framework using our 45 degree channel inserts. The stand took 2 men under 3 hours to assemble without the use of tools.

Mario Calvo printing company 

Change in Spain:

Tecna Display’s Managing Director Jonathan Evitt travelled to Madrid in support of Mario Calvo and T3 Systems, he had this to say about the exhibition “It was refreshing to go to Spain and see so much more energy and enthusiasm than in previous years. With the previous financial and economy troubles that have been happening in Spain recently, it was fantastic to see it begin to return to normal.”

He continued, “ The show was an absolute success with a lot of potential new business being gained as well as confirming and continuing with existing business in that region.”

The C!Print Exhibition is regional show and focuses on close proximity business rather than international trade. The regions of particular focus North and South Spain as well as the Portuguese market considering their close proximity.

Mario Calvo’s T3 System stand showcased a number of Tecna Displays’ product ranges including the Wandlite, T3 Affinity, the new slim line Lightbox and of course the T3 modular display system.

For more information on Tecna Display and the mentioned product ranges please visit  or contact us directly at and for more information on our Spanish distributor Mario Calvo please visit



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