Shed some light at your next event. T3 Litebox – illuminating the way in display.

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Here at Tecna Display and T3 we are constantly trying to innovated and develop new products and solutions that allow our users to heighten their display capabilities while keeping to our core motto; Twist – Lock – Create.

Our newest innovation is the T3 Litebox:

IMG_2742 editted.jpg

Yes admittedly, this is not a new kid on the display block as Light boxes have been on the event and exhibition scene for a long time. But the T3 Litebox brings a new feel to this versatile and well loved display product.

“Assembled in under 10 minutes by a single person with no need for tools”

Having recently made its release debut at the massive Euroshop 2017 exhibition in March it has hit the ground running within the industry. Whether its because of its versatile display capabilities or because of its unique benefits and core features, you make up your own decisions.

Firstly its unique benefits and core features:


  • Designed using the famous T3 framework systems, means that it uses the same patented twist lock assembly method with no need for tools.
  • Assembled in 10 minutes by a single person.
  • Can be flat packed into a single travel case which fits into the back of a car.
  • Supplied in a single or double sided profile.
  • Designs come in a 1 metre to 2 metre length but profiles can be customised further.


These core features help to differentiate the T3 Litebox from the rest of the products that populate this area of the industry.

“Attach TV monitors and tablets by adding T3 Affinity posts”

The versatile display capabilities are generated from it being designed and built using the T3 modular framework system. This feature means that the T3 Litebox can be used as a free standing or integrated structure. Meaning that it can be used as a permanent or temporary display feature with multiple applications.

Combining it with the retail solution that is the T3 Affinity system.

How to combine your T3 Litebox with T3 Affinity posts.

Another key feature of the Litebox due to its T3 connectors is the option of T3 Affinity uprights.

They can attached to the Litebox adding to the versatility and rigidity.

Turning your display into a multiple functional media driven display is as easy as adding T3 Affinity posts to the framework. Adding the specially designed, retro fit accessories such as product shelves, brochure mounts means it can be the ideal product display unit for shop fittings or exhibition stands.

Like all Tecna Display products the Litebox is coupled with a life time guarantee and has the most competitive pricing of the market, it is no wonder that the T3 Litebox is fast becoming one of the most sort after display products in the industry presently.

For more information about Tecna Display and our T3 Lightbox contact us directly at  |+44 (0) 208 803 4469| or or visit our website for more inspiration at


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