FlexiCurve Display Wall

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For this weeks featured Friday we take a look at the diverse and eye catching FlexiCurve Wall. This is attracting more and more stand designers and contractors due to its dynamic characteristics and list of perks.

Due to its uniquely designed grooves that are incorporated into the tubing profile, it allows for the tube to be bent and shaped into a set of eye catching and versatile shapes. The FlexiCurve wall can be formed into a U, L or S shape. Other than being aesthetically pleasing these shapes also provide a practical function. The shape provides the opportunity for information and images to be seen from multiple views with little distortion.

The reason why it is such a dynamic piece of displaying equipment and preferred over the normal rigid curved wall is due to the fact that these shape changes can be done at the venue of the exhibition, trade show etc.

Without having to go back to the start and designing a whole new stand, designs can adjust stands to fit display areas perfectly, or give their design an extra eye catching edge by adjusting their walls so that they have maximum viewership.

The FlexiCurve profile is fitted with two or three  rigid vertical posts which act as pivots. It can also be fitted with a different graphics mounts such as magnetic, Velcro and textile. This makes the FlexiCurve profile a highly versatile and simple feature to add to your cache of possibilities.

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The FlexiCurve is made possible due to the to unique design which incorporates


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