Outfitting your office with T3 Systems.

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Office Equipment using the T3 modular framework system.

The diversity of the T3 modular framework is unprecedented within the market, with one connector the possibilities are endless. This was especially evident when our founder Jonathan Evitt visited one of our distributors; Lintel in their main office located in Changzhou, China.

While having a tour around their office space, it became evident that all of the office equipment such as desks, shelving units and other pieces of furniture were created using the T3 modular framework system. Using the versatile and modular twist lock system between the connectors and tubing profiles Lintel were able to create variety of types of desks.

The furniture framework was designed and made using our simplest and most robust tubing profile; the airframe. The reason for this is because it allows for a lightweight and sturdy frame but to have attachments such as panelling or wooden table tops to the mounted. For the more complicated furniture pieces such as shelving units or cupboards where sliding or hinged doors were needed, a combination of our fusion and airframe tubes were used. The fusion tubes allow for the channels inserts to be used for the sliding door runner inserts. The hinges for the doors can be created in two ways, either by using our double hinged connectors or by inserting hinges into the framework.


The T3 modular system also allows for a variety of multi desks to be created. Having the ability to custom sizes of tubes allows for the length of the desk to be beyond the sizes that are found in general furniture stores.



The T3 System is the most versatile and innovative product on the market when it comes to exhibitions and event stand designing and building and the fact that it has the ability to serve multiple other markets including the office furniture just proves how diverse its uses are.

For more information and images on the possibilities that the T3 modular framework system can offer to you visit our categories page on our webiste


or contact us directly at sales@tecnadisplay.com or call on +44 (0) 208 803 4469



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