Live Streaming at Events.

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Could live streaming at events be changing the way companies represent themselves?

Live streaming at events and exhibitions has generally been a frowned upon subject and activity when it comes to exhibitors and organisers. There are a multitude a supposed reasons but the main reason is that it could hinder the amount of tickets sold at each event. This is an understandable argument and has been a source of debate for many since the creation of these apps. But recently this topic has had new discussion points added to the debate which may have swayed the tide. The new discussion revolves around the potential reach that these apps afford to companies that embrace them and make them apart of business strategy.

But first, the original purpose of use of live streaming apps such as Snapchat was for close friends and family to share series of photos and short videos clips with each other. But due to its huge success and large usage ( Snapchat having over a 100 million daily users) companies have now adopted this technology for their own purposes. This is not surprising as having the ability to access a hugely diversified audience and large demographic range by simply using a smart phone or tablet. It would be ludicrous if companies did not taken advantage of this opportunity.

Also with the new additions to the live streaming app world in the form of Twitter’s recently acquired Periscope and  the new Meerkat app, it would only seem to be that this technology is on the rise and here to stay. where these apps differ for the likes of Snapchat is that they provide users the platform to broadcast and watch live videos from all across the globe on a larger scale. These apps allow for longer videos to be created and give the viewer a greater opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the video.

The possibilities that these apps open up for companies exhibiting at events or the creators of the trade shows themselves is endless. In addition the possibilities the huge audiences that these apps have the ability to reach far outweighs the opposing ‘decrease in sales of event tickets’ argument and it now appears that ‘live streaming’ will become a staple in majority of companies.

How companies use these apps to their advantage is only limited by their imaginations and could lead to some interesting draw factors to all the events.

Could you see your company using these live streaming apps at your next event or trade show?


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