Creating work spaces at exhibitions.

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With everyone practically glued to their phones or other devices especially at trade shows and exhibitions, it is necessary for companies to be able to reach these technology captured individuals. Companies can do in various methods such as having interactive games at your stand, creating digital marketing collateral to reach them on their devices or basically anything that makes them lift their eyes from their screen.

But the most simple of method is for exhibitors to embrace the fact that they will be looking at their screens and attract and retain these attendees by creating areas where individuals can take a time out from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition or trade show.

Creating visually appealing, convenient and comfortable work spaces where visitors can accomplish a variety of activity such as charging mobile devices, catch up on their various duties such as emails, marketing and social media posts. Providing Wi-Fi would also mean that they would be more hesitant to leave the booth. Other opportunities include providing refreshments such a water or coffee to each of your visitors, this will help you to deliver a personal experiences to each visitor.

Now this sounds like that you as the exhibitor is providing a lot of more to these attendees for very little feedback

But what these work spaces provide to you as the exhibitor is an opportunity. An opportunity to have attendees stay at your stand for longer than is average. It allows your fantastic staff to educate and entice the visitors into wanting and buying your services and products. The Wi-Fi and coffee handouts provide you with the opportunity to obtain personal details from the visitors for personalised email and marketing campaigns. With all these avenues to present your company’s services and products to these attendees it will mean that you will have a higher conversion rate to qualified sales leads.

These work spaces also provides a unique opportunity for free advertising for your company. Exhibition organisers and reporters are constantly looking for areas to complete their work.  They are trying to cover an event with report on the activities of each booth and create meaningful commentary of the success of the exhibition. If you as an exhibitor provide them with an area where they can sit down and do their work, it is only inevitable that they will write a very positive report of your company and stand. It will also mean that you will have a large amount of time to explain your company in full detail to these reports and gain the best advertising piece for the exhibition.

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