Bitmap Multivisual at the ONS 2016 conference.

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Bitmap Visual and co.

ONS 2016 – Stavanger, Norway

Bitmap Mulitvisual teamed up with over 105 exhibitors at the recent ONS conference, where some of the key players in the global oil and gas industry meet to exhibit new innovations and ideas.

With this being the world’s second largest exhibition, held every second year in Stavanger, Bitmap needed to be on top form to help their clients differentiate themselves from their competitors. Bitmap didn’t fail to impress by creating some exceptional stands that certainly allowed their clients to attract the maximum amount of visitors to each stand.

With each of their clients having different products and services that they wanted to exhibit to visitors it was up to Bitmap to create a variety of unique features that would accommodate these requirements.

In this article we wanted to highlight some of the most creative and eye catching features as well as congratulating Bitmap Multivisual as a whole.

Firstly, Bitmap created simple yet effective areas for 5 companies to have intimate meetings with their visitors. This was done by using a simple table top attached to a small wall structure. The featured companies didn’t require a huge amount of space due to this design but it was as effective as having a larger stand.

The next design that had some unique elements to it was the Bluebeam stand. Blue beam deal specifically with computer software that is used for computer aided design and pdf navigation. The design required that there be monitors to display the software as well as operating computer stations so that the booth staff could demonstrate first hand to attendees.

Last but not least is Bitmap’s own stand at the conference. The had a simple yet creative stand design due to the fact that they were appealing to a market and visitors that had a very refined set of requirements. What Bitmap had done for the stand was something that is becoming a largely witnessed and demanded within the exhibition and trade show industry, and that is VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Having used a 360 degree camera to film videos of a drill rig and from the edge of the Pulpit Rock, Stavanger ‘one of the most amazing views in the world’ according to Discovery’s Lonely Planet. This was to display their filming capabilities and how it could relate towards the oil and gas industry. How they displayed their respective videos was by mounting large monitors to a large pillar that was placed in the middle of the stand.

All these stands’ structures were built using Tecna Display’s T3 modular framework system. Utilising the T3 airframe tubing profile which is designed to carry all types of roll up or rigid graphics in the most cost effective and efficient way. In the case of Bitmap Visual, PVC roll up graphics were used for each of the stands and were attached using magnetic stripping. Bitmap Visual had a relativity small team when you think of the amount of stands that they needed to construct in a limited time frame. This normally would have been a monstrous ordeal but with the unique T3 modular framework system, the assembly times for each stand was minimal and with little hassle.

This was absolutely fantastic and creative work by the team at Bitmap Visual and Tecna Display was proud to have been able to help and participate in this project.

For more information on Bitmap Visual and their variety of services please visit

And for information on Tecna Display’s T3 system visit our website or contact us directly at or call +44 (0) 208 803 4469.

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