Retail Solutions with Tecna Display

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For this week’s feature Friday, Tecna Display explores two simple yet unique elements that all exhibitors and retailers use on multiple occasions.

This week we take a look at the retail solutions of the shelving and sliding door channel inserts.


The first feature is the shelf, which is a highly versatile item that can be simple to install and adjusted using the T3 modular framework system. How it is install into the T3 system is by using the shelf bracket channel insert coupled with either the T3 channel or fusion tubing profiles.

This insert then allows for multiple types of shelves to be utilised by the exhibitor.


The Sliding door frame is the next feature that we would like to delve into. Similar to the shelving unit, the sliding door insert can be coupled with either the channel or fusion tubing profiles of the T3 modular framing system.

This insert can have multiple uses for exhibitors and retailers alike, and depending on the type of sliding door material that is used by the display creator, these sliding doors can make multiple key feature pieces for the user. The sliding door insert can be used on multiple items such as counters, plinths and even walls.

With the insertion of Perspex or clear plastic rigid panels, it can make fantastic display cases to show case products and documentation to visitors whereas if solid rigid panels are used,  this will then turn the towers, counters or plinth’s inside space into a unique storage area for the same items.

Although this is but a small facet in most display designs the versatility of these products allows for multiple outcomes to be achieved and is only limited by the creative thinking of the designer.

For more information on the these featured products visit our website

or contact a member of our team directly at or call us directly on +44 (0) 208 803 4469

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