Wearable technologies entering into the industry.

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Furthering on last week’s big data and IoT post on Wednesday, we explore further into a technology that is already making a splash within the trade show and exhibition industry…..wearable technologies.

This technology is already a large part of the healthcare and business industry and also daily life in general, but it can become a large part of how exhibitors engage attendees at future events.

There are some rather unique ways that these wearable technologies have begun to enter into the world of the exhibition and trade show industry.

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology used by wearable devices that allows communication between devices when in close proximity. Companies are providing small NFC devices that can be used at events for convenient and quick transfer of data at events and exhibitions. IF your stand is paired with NFC ‘tags’, it allows for you to communicate in a number of different manners, including uploading digital documentation, check ins from attendees and creating and monitoring networking appointments.

This provides for some unique opportunities for exhibitors to reduce the sizes of their printing and binding bills, proactively be more environmentally friendly and create highly engaged event audience. It is also friendlier towards attendees as they don’t have to carry around piles of documentations and materials.

NFC tags could reduce the amount of documents and materials for attendees

Audio Visual Integration such as digital signage and interactive kiosks and tables can be paired with wearables to connect attendees directly with brands. Attendees who have wearables such as the Apple Watch will be able to check in to booths, download and store data onto their device to be reviewed at a later date. This is similar to the NFC tags but were this differs will be in the personalisation factor. Customised advertisements, schedules and announcements can be feed directly to these wearables.

Lastly Augmented Reality is also a possibility when it comes to wearables. The Google Glass and the due to be released Hololens from Microsoft will soon add a whole new dimension to this technology. But ideas such as allowing for maps and directions to be overlaid onto the real world so that attendees can pinpoint their prime exhibitor objectives. It could also allow information to be called up immediately when passing places of interest or participating exhibitors.

overlaid directions to exhibitor’s stands

It is difficult to say exactly what this technologies will be capable of until they are widely available and in use by the public and exhibitors. But it is safe to say that the horizon for exhibitions and trade shows is going to be bright with new innovations and technologies.

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