Why going up is the way forward

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With the amount of exhibitors ever increasing at trade shows and exhibitions it is becoming more and more difficult for individual companies to be seen and attract visitors. The trade show floor is generally crowded with a huge array of booths that can block visitor’s views of your stand. So in the confusion of trade shows, it is a good idea to have a feature that will help visitors find their way to you.

The way to help visitors to find you among the masses is by going up rather than out, and there are two ways of doing this ; hanging displays and large display towers.

Hanging signs above your booth is a great way to compliment your stand and also help you stand out among your competition. In most cases, having a hanging banner is predicated on you having an island or peninsula stand, with some allowing you having an inline booth. This is all dependant on the exhibition creators, so best to check the exhibitors manual or guidelines.

There are multiple options to create hanging banners using Tecna Displays T3 modular display systems. Using our Airframe tubing profile multiple types of graphics can be attached to the framework using our magnetic, velcro and 45 degree angle. The aluminium tubing profile is also very lightweight which means it is easy and safe to suspend from any rigging. Due to the easy align twist lock system the variety of hanging banners that an exhibitors can create using the T3 system is hugely diverse.

The next method which is a large tower is also an effective way of creating a beacon for visitors to identify you with. At most exhibitions, creators allow up to a 4 metre height restriction on structures which will put you far above everyone else in the hall.

The other option of the large tower display is also to create and utilise using the T3 modular display system. With the tubing profile being made of the highest quality aluminium and extremely rigid having a 4 metre high tower is not something to be concerned about. If the airframe and fusion tubing profiles are used it also allows for a variety of graphical and display features to be added.

As with all exhibition displays the more unique and eye catching your display is the better the better results will be in terms of creating meaningful business relationships and new leads.

For more information on how Tecna Display can help with your large tower displays and hanging banners visit our website www.t3systems.com or www.t3affinity.com for all your retail requirements.

or contact a member of our team directly on sales@tecnadisplay.com or +44 (0) 208 803 4469


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