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Maison and Object – Parc d’Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte

2 – 6 September 2016

Innobiz and Media Fab teamed up to create a beautiful stand for the Maison and Object’s yearly exhibition. The purpose for the display is that Innobiz, leading manufacturers of essential oil diffusers has expanded their range of products and created Aroflora. This is an ideal venue and exhibition for Innobiz to unveil their new product range because it is the major event of the year when it comes to ‘the art of living’ and interior decorating and household designs.

From the manual seed germination hotbeds, to plug in diffusers and standalone diffuser all needed to be exhibited to the public at this culmination of interior design and products.

The display consisted of two 3.5 metre adjoining walls that were 2.5 metre high. Using vibrant colours and images to showcase some of the new product ranges. Also due to the nature of the event and what Innobiz wanted to display the public, Media Fab attached some Perspex shelving units on the frame itself,  these were a great addition as they didn’t detract or obscure the graphics on the stand but allowed them to strategically place and display their products. The shelving unites you attached to the frame directly by drilling straight into the framework.

The display was designed and built using Tecna Displays’ T3 Systems modular framing system. The frame was built using the Fusion tubing profile, this versatile tubing profile allowed for the textile graphics to be attached using our 45 degree textile inserts.

The stand was packed into two travel cases and transported easily to the venue in the back of small van. At the venue the whole stand was built in 2 and a half hours by 2 untrained members of their team who required no tools to complete the build. After the final day of the exhibition the display was dismantled simply, packed back into its two travel cases easily and the stored for their next job.

Tecna Display is proud to have been able to be a part of this fantastic project and congratulate Innobiz and Media Fab on their exceptional design and display.

For more information on Innobiz and their new product range

Innobiz –

For more information on Media Fab and their display designs

Media Fab –

For information on Tecna Displays T3 modular display system

Or contact a member of our team at or call us on +44 (0) 208 803 4469

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