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Interlocking boxes

The name of the game in event and exhibition display building is to gain viewers’ attention and to keep it for as long as possible right? Designers and creators are having to think of even more creative and eye catching methods and features that have either never been seen before or are having to bring back and alter old techniques enough to make them look new and unique.

One method that is starting to be used again is the hexagon honey comb display piece. This structure allows for multiple display opportunities to be achieved.

The reason why a display such as this was possible to build was due to the unique modular framework design of Tecna Display’ s T3 modular framing display system. With its patented twist lock connector and tube design the T3 allows for optimal versatility and innovation when it comes to display possibilities. Interchangeable interlocking pieces mean that the systems can be altered easily depending on what is required and with it not requiring tools to put together doing alterations at the venue is now possible. But here are some specifications and possibilities that are available if the hexagon honey comb display feature is opted for.


As previously stated the frame work was built using the T3 modular framework system. The types of tubing profiles that can be used for this particular structure are airframe and fusion. These are the most simple and diverse profiles respectively. Allowing for a variety of inserts and graphic attachment strips to be added which increases the amount of possible structures that can be assembled.


 Firstly, when it comes to graphics, the hexagons can be used individually, each with it own unique image and message. Alternatively the hexagons can be used as a whole to display one large image or message. This allows for greater diversity in terms of exhibitions messages that the exhibitor wants to convey.

The types of graphics that can be used included fabric, rigid and roll up which can be attached to the framework using velcro and magnetic strips and channel inserts.

Shelving for product displays.

Another possible display opportunity for the hexagons is for product displays. When our fusion or channel tubing profiles have been used to create the framework it allows for a variety of inserts to be used. Each individual hexagon can be fitted with an internal shelf that will act as a platform for the product. This will obviously cancel out the possibility to use graphics on said hexagon though.


The possibilities for lighting consist of internal lights in each hexagon. This will make each hexagon extra vibrant and eye catching. The other possibility is in the form of spotlight that can be mounted on top of the structure. The spotlights and internal lights can be used to illuminate the products in that is the path chosen by the designer.

For more information on how to create and use this weeks feature please visit our website or contact a member of our team directly at:

sales@tecnadisplay or call us on +44 (0) 208 803 4469

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