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How to make a small exhibition stand work for you.

Let’s face it more often than not, the stand that you assigned at an exhibition is not always going to be to your standards or specifications. This can be a problem especially when the space will not be able to house everything that you intended on displaying. Stand owners and exhibitors need to be more strategic with the layout design and content of the booth. Considering the following will allow you too maximise the potential space that you have to work with.

Equipment for display

With small stands, having an over complicated display system can lead to issues with set up and versatility in displaying options. Arriving at the space that are provided and realising that you display could be more effective by altering it slightly is very frustrating and starts your exhibition on the wrong foot. Therefore having a completely modular display system that will allow for different variations to be built is ideal.

Maximise space with digital displays

Not having enough space to display all your products and services means that exhibitors are having to rely on other avenues to display everything that they have had to leave out. This is where digital displays come into play. Allowing companies to create promotional videos, product demonstrations and digital catalogs, these can then shown easily by having a small to large mounted monitor. These monitors can then be used to attract visitors more effectively.


Limited space means limited graphics so choose them carefully. Choose too many images or too much messaging can make the stand look unorganised and unprofessional quickly, which in turn loses viewers’ attention. By using fewer images and less information it will allow your booth staff to explain the product/service.

Having a versatile and modular display system also allows you to manoeuvre your images and messages to where they would get the maximum amount of viewership and therefore impact on the public.


Promotional literature is always important when displaying at any exhibition. It plays many supporting roles to the actual stand itself. Firstly, it allows you to gain passers-by attention by handing them out to individuals who would have walked passed your stand in first instances. Secondly, it allows you to give more information to those that visited your stand, giving them a reminder of your product/service after they have left the stand and eventually the exhibition.


Lighting is an essential design element in any modern exhibition stand. Designing additional lighting beyond that supplied by the trade show hall or conference centre is important. You can use spot lights, down lights, up lights, and coloured lights to highlight products and displays within your exhibition stand.

Following these tips will allow you to optimise your small stand at any exhibition and attract attention towards your products and services.

Visit the T3 Systems website to gain inspiration on products and stand ideas for your next exhibition or trade show.


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