Case Study Monday 2

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Bosch Diesel and Top Advert joined forces to create a large free standing wall display that Bosch Diesel could use during their internal meetings as well as training days with their numerous technicians and engineers. The wall was designed to display and educate viewers on the new campaigns and policies regarding their Energy management and Go-Green operations.

The product used by the team at Top Advert to build these structures was Tecna Displays’ T3 modular display systems. Using a combination of our Airframe curve and fusion tubes to construct the outer framework, then using our magnetic strip attachment which allowed for the large graphics to be mounted and secured to the framework.

The distinctive curves that featured on the display were made possible by using the T3 Airframe curve profile. This provides a functional as well as aesthetically pleasing element to the display. The functionality of the curve comes from the ability to see the graphics and written information clearly from different angles. The display also featured a 65” monitor, which was attached securely to the frame using a rigid support bracket.

The whole display was packed into two travel cases which fitted into the back of a car and transported to the Bosch offices. It was then built by 2 untrained members of their team requiring no extra tools. It took a mere 2 to 3 hours for the whole display to be erected which is unprecedented in the market.

Tecna Display is proud to have been a part of this exceptional project and congratulate Top Advert on their work and delivering a fantastic result.

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